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InstaPilot Explores New Instagram Features And Brings Marketers New Targeted Buyers

InstaPilot Explores New Instagram Features And Brings Marketers New Targeted Buyers

Now there is a brand new software out that lets you take advantage of the most engaging social network. It is an ideal solution for marketers looking for new followers and wanting to promote to a highly engaged niche. It is called InstaPilot.

Instagram has to be proven the fastest growing social site recently when this platform has over 600 million monthly easy-to-engage users for marketers without requiring any cost of advertising. Good news is that Instagram is an incredibly easy platform to get access and master. The successful Instagram business of Sam Robinson and Victory Akpos is an evidence explaining the power of this marketing niche. Understanding the hassle and difficulties of manually doing everything off a smartphone with Instagram, those two experienced marketers have created Instapilot software to help independent marketers easily add new subscribers to their lists and directly promote products and services to them.

InstaPilot is the first software that allows marketers to take advantage of the new “story” feature inside Instagram and market directly to customers in a fresh new way. This software includes live training that will walk marketers through connecting their account with InstaPilot so they can get up and running fast.

With Instapilot Instagram tool marketers can build a highly targeted audience or even “steal” their competitors market, see what they are posting and whom they are posting, connect with them and then finally promote and sell to them directly by building a following of buyers, bringing them relevant content without requiring any ads cost.

InstaPilot is an ultimate web-based app that makes the management and automation of any Instagram account easy. The software uses many powerful features to make most of Instagram’s traditional features and new ones marketers have yet to exploit.

See some unique features of InstaPilot software:

INBOX: Users can check their Instagram account messages right from the web app and reply them instantly.

INTEGRATION: This feature integrates single or multiple Instagram accounts and removes them from the web app. This feature also allows users to edit the information on their profile and easily manage it from the web app.

SEARCH: Users can perform a keyword based search of pictures and videos or both on Hashtags, Geotags, Post, and Users.

TRENDING POSTS & HASHTAGS: Users at a glance can see trending posts and hashtags based on their Instagram most carried out activity.

AUTO-ENGAGEMENT: It allows users to take several engage actions like Auto comment, Auto Like, Auto follow, Auto follow back, Auto unfollow, etc.

MANAGE FOLLOWERS: InstaPilot’s users can use this feature to select all their followers and then follow them with just a click of the mouse or select specific users and follow them at once etc.

AUTO-POST: This feature enables users to post images and videos from the web to their Instagram profile and make an instant post or schedule a post to be posted in the future.

DIRECT MESSAGING: Users can send a message to an individual follower/following or select all their followers/following and send a direct message to them.

YOUTUBE TO INSTAGRAM: Users can search for Youtube videos right from the web app based on keywords, preview and then post it to their Instagram profile.

ECOMMERCE INTEGRATION: This feature enables InstaPilot’s users to engage and sell their affiliate products to their Instagram audience.

MANAGE STORE: It allows users to input their preferred call to action they want to append to products posted from their store on InstaPilot to their Instagram profile.

ANALYTICS: Gives users a report of the result of auto-engagement actions, the number of likes, comments, follow a profile has gotten, for example.

GALLERY: users can download any images or video they find interesting while searching on keywords for later usage here.

For more information, please visit: InstaPilot demo and review

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